East Goshen Township

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Chester County, PA

Annual Group Bids for 2020

On Monday, November 18, 2019 at 10:00 AM at the East Goshen Township Building, located at 1580 Paoli Pike, in East Goshen Township, in Conference Room 2 ( 2nd Floor), sealed bids will be opened for the following:

2019 Group Bids Advertisement
Group 1
2020 Fuel Bid
Group 2
2020 Soda Ash Bid
Group 3
2020 Tri Axle Dump Truck Rental
2020 ADDITIONAL Tri Axle Dump Truck Rental
Group 4
2020 Rental Equipment Without Operators Bid Notice
Group 5
2020 Signs and Posts Bid Notice
Group 6
2020 Milling Machine Bid Addendum (11/8/19)

2020 Milling Machine Bid