Milltown Dam Committee

The Board of Supervisors has determined that the area of the impoundment above the Milltown Dam is suitable for use as a public recreation area and/or open space, after the dam has been breached. The Board of Supervisors issued a request for proposal for a consultant to develop a plan on how the area above each of the dams can be developed and/or utilized for public recreation purposes and/or open space, after the dams have been breached.  The Milltown Dam Committee is tasked with collaborating with the land planner to develop and implement a plan for this area.


Public Meeting # 1 – Project Background and Brainstorming

Milltown Dam Visioning Survey # 1 Results

Concept Plans:

Public Meeting # 2 – Concept Review

Milltown Dam Concept Plans

Milltown Dam Concept Survey – 2nd Survey

Draft Plan:

Draft Plan – March 22, 2017

Milltown Dam Park Open Space Master Plan – Draft Report

Draft Plan Presentation – March 22, 2017

Milltown Dam Master Plan – Survey #3 – Draft Plan Survey


Glenn Artman
Chuck Helper
Dave Hewett
Mike Lehmicke
Vincent McInnis
Dana Pizarro