Boot Road Update – 2/7/20

The following is an email outlining the update Boot Road Geophysical Survey report the Township received. Please click on the link to read the corresponding information.


As a follow-up to the January 13, 2020 email, attached is the updated geophysical survey report from RETTEW Associates, Inc. as it pertains to the survey conducted on Boot Road between Carriage Drive and Wilson Drive on October 8-9, 2019. As noted in the previous email, the department requested additional information to address comments in the initial report. The revised report by RETTEW has addressed the main comment of Schnabel’s memo dated November 20, 2019 regarding anomalies seen in plan-view results versus how those anomalies compare in the profile-view results. To address this RETTEW has included approximately ½ of the GPR profiles collected parallel to the road and additional text discussion of how it interpreted the profiles to consider if the anomalies were likely caused by voids or other features (such as utilities, etc.). Based on the review of the profiles, PennDOT and Schnabel concur with the results summary, which is there are several anomalies but they do not appear to be caused by open voids.

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