East Goshen Township

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Chester County, PA

Spotted Lanternfly Quarantine

East Goshen Township needs YOUR help with an invasive insect species
that is plaguing our area and threatening our native flora!

If you see one – report it! Click HERE to see how.

Township Spotted Lanternfly Coordinator, Gabrielle, encourages residents to become aware
of local pests by viewing her research project that she has been working on during her graduate studies at
West Chester University below:


Her website is meant to serve as a guide on how to effectively identify and manage Spotted Lanternfly infestations. The township office is also providing numerous resources such as educational brochures and egg mass scrape cards, so stop by to learn more and have a chat with Gabrielle!

As required per the Chester County Quarantine order, residents should check quarantined objects before moving them either back inside or within and outside of the quarantine zones, click here to download and print the SLF Compliance Checklist.

As many of you know, Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture requires all businesses working within the spotted lanternfly quarantine area which move products, vehicles, or other conveyances within or out of the spotted lanternfly quarantine area to obtain a spotted lanternfly permit. The quarantine zone includes all of Chester County among other counties. This permit can be obtained online. See https://extension.psu.edu/spotted-lanternfly-permit-training.

Classroom trainings are also being offered free of charge throughout the quarantine area, one of which is taking place on September 19, 2019 from 9-11AM at Chester County’s PennState Extension Office at the Government Services Center at 601 Westtown Road, West Chester, PA. Registration is required. To register, contact the PA Department of Agriculture at 717-787-5674 or SLFPermit@pa.gov .

If you have questions about how to reduce impacts of the spotted lanternfly, contact the local PennState Extension office at (610) 696-3500.