2015 Adopted Budget

On December 16th, the Board of Supervisors adopted the 2015 Budget with no increase in the real estate tax rate for the 12th straight year. More detailed information about the budget can be found in the links below. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact Jon Altshul at 610-692-7171.

Budget Adoption Memo (12/16/14)

General Fund Summary (12/16/14)

All Funds Summary (12/02/14)

General Fund Line Item Detail (12/16/14)

All Funds Line Item Detail (12/02/14)

Overview of 2015 Proposed Budget For All Funds (10/15/14)

Line Item Detail General Fund Pass Throughs (10/15/14)

2015-2019 Capital Improvement Plan (10/15/14)