Sunoco update 1/8/21

Water tests were conducted at Bow Tree Drive Sunoco Site. The Township engineer collected the samples and their conclusion is as follows.

Pennoni collected three surface water samples within the Ridley Creek drainage area in East Goshen Township on December 8, 2020. These samples were collected at Hibberd Lane, Bow Tree Pond No. 1, and to the rear of Herron Lane. The Hibberd Lane location was chosen as it is outside of potential pipeline activities, the other two locations are downstream or pipeline activities. Following their collection, these samples were taken to a Pennsylvania-licensed laboratory and analyzed for volatile organic compounds, semi-volatile organic compounds, polychlorinated biphenyl, metals, total dissolved solids, and suspended solids in accordance with United States Environmental Protection Agency methodologies.

The volatile organic compounds, semi-volatile organic compounds, polychlorinated biphenyl analyses were non-detected (these compounds are primarily man-made). Various metals were detected, however, all of the metal concentrations were below Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection residential used aquifer water criteria. There were no indications that the difference in metals, total dissolved solids nor suspended solids were a result of pipeline activities. The detected metals and total dissolved solids and suspended solids were within the natural range and are not indicative of anthropogenic sources.

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