Sunoco Update-11/24/2020

Updated 11/24/2020

The Township has been informed that Sunoco has completed the pulling of the pipe at the Goshen Executive Center to the Rite Aid. They will now tie in both ends of this segment.

Updated 11/20/2020

Sunoco will be working from 7 am to 10 pm. In addition, they will also be working on Sunday in their effort to pull the pipe by Thanksgiving.

Updated 11/16/2020

Sunoco expects to begin the pull back on HDD segment 471 (Goshen Executive Center to the Rite Aid) on Friday, November 20.  The pull back is expected to take 6 days, which means they should finish it on Wednesday, November 25.   Once the pull back is complete, Sunoco will tie in both ends of this segment and begin restoration of these work areas.

Once this HDD Segment 471 is complete only HDD Segment 521 (Bow Tree Drive to Saints Simon and Jude) remains to be completed. This segment, HDD Segment 521, is expected to be pulled back in mid-February.