Sustainability Advisory Committee Free Seminar

Let Lawns Lie: A discussion on Lawn Care & Water Quality
Monday, April 12
7 pm – 8 pm

Spring has sprung, which means that many people are looking at their yard envisioning a summer with a lush green yard of grass and considering using pesticides, herbicides and fertilizers to accomplish their goal. Did you know that these yard chemicals are actually very harmful to the environment when used incorrectly? Join Lauren McGrath, Director of the Watershed Protection Program at Willistown Conservation Trust to learn more about the impact of pesticides, herbicides and fertilizers on stream health and discuss alternatives to chemical yard treatment.

We highly recommend Willistown’s April 8th Free Seminar in advance to prepare:  Nature at Night: Native Plants and Planning Your Landscape.  While not required, individuals interested in replacing a section of their manicured lawn with native, indigenous plants will want to know more about which types of plantings will grow best in south east PA. We encourage sign ups for this seminar as well as to have all the information need to begin transforming your property into a sustainable ecosystem.

Registrations are required and capacity is limited.  To join us for this informative seminar at