Thanks For Helping SAC Reach Their Goal

Great Job East Goshen!!!

Thank you so much for bringing your plastic film to the East Goshen park bins for recycling. We have nearly met our goal of collecting 500 pounds of plastic and we are looking forward to getting a TREX bench.

The bins in the park will be removed on October 28th. We wish we could continue to offer this location for collection – but the work of collection, including removing items that do not belong because they would contaminate the entire load, falls to a few volunteers. BUT now that you know all the Items that can be included – you have several options to continue recycling single-use plastics:

  1. Take items to any Giant, Wegman, Home Depot, Lowes, Kohls, Acme, or ShopRite – they all offer plastic film collection bins.
  2. If you have a covered recycling bin, you can put these items in your bin for curbside collection. Please do not do this if you don’t yet have a covered bin, as the plastic film could fly away and become litter. The bags can just be placed loose in your own bin – don’t bag them up or knot them. Also, don’t fill the bags with other recyclables – they need to be clean, loose and dry.

Remember what constitutes plastic film includes a lot more than just grocery bags. It also includes:

  • Produce bags for carrots and potatoes, etc. (It does NOT include pre-washed salad bags, as they are treated to improve freshness.)
  • Bread bags
  • Dry cleaning film
  • Shipping packages like the white Amazon envelopes. (NOT ones that are foil lined.)
  • Cereal and cracker box liners
  • Ziplock bags – free of residual food

As with all recycling, it is important to do so correctly – only include materials that can currently be recycled, or we risk the chance the entire load will be contaminated, and must then go to the landfill.

Thank you for supporting our effort to earn a bench made of recycled plastic for our community park! While it is always better not to use single use plastics, until we transition to better alternatives, the idea of recycling these products into something useful is much better than sending them to the landfill!

East Goshen Sustainability Advisory Committee