Alcohol Sales Petition in East Goshen Township

Effort to Allow for the Sale of Alcohol in East Goshen to Begin on Tuesday, February 13th

As you probably know, East Goshen Township is officially a “dry” Township and has been since a 1939 voter referendum banning the sale of beer, wine and liquor was approved. While a subsequent voter referendum in 2001 allowed for private golf clubs in the Township to have liquor licenses, the Township has otherwise remained dry to this day.

Between Tuesday, February 13th and Tuesday, March 6th, a table will be set up at the Giant on Boot Road to collect resident signatures for a petition in support of having a voter referendum on the following question:

“Do you favor the granting of liquor licenses for the sale of liquor in East Goshen Township of Chester County?”

Pursuant to state law, if this petition gathers approximately 2,900 resident signatures—or 25% of the votes cast in the last election in East Goshen for the office receiving the most votes—then the question will appear on all East Goshen ballots for the primary elections on May 15th.

If the voter referendum is ultimately successful, restaurants in the Township licensed by the PA Liquor Control Board would be able to sell alcohol, and supermarkets in the Township with a restaurant license from the PA Liquor Control Board would be able to sell a limited selection of beer and wine.

In addition to the booth at the Boot Road Giant, a booth will also be set up at the Giant on West Chester Pike in Westtown Township. East Goshen Township residents can sign the petition at either location.

The Board of Supervisors of East Goshen Township takes no official position on this matter.  This petition drive was initiated by Giant.

Liquor Referendum Question and Answers