Trash Notice – Residents with Township Trash Service

Attention Residents with Township Trash Service

The Township will be closed on Monday, 5/25 in honor of Memorial Day.

There will be no trash/recycling collected for residents with Monday/Thursday pickup. Trash collection will resume on Thursday, 5/28. The next recycling collection will be Monday, 6/1.

The Tuesday/Friday residents are not affected by the Holiday.

As you know, during this unprecedented time, many businesses have been forced to alter their regular operations. While East Goshen Township remains committed to continuing to provide essential, life-sustaining services as long as any federal, state and local emergency orders are in effect, our trash hauler has notified us that it will make the following operational changes effective on Monday, April 6 and continuing until further notice:
  • Regular trash service will not be impacted. Trash will continue to be picked up twice per week on the regular schedule
  • Recycling will continue to be picked up once per week on the regular schedule. However, all recycled items must fit securely in the recycling bin. Loose items or items placed outside the recycling bin will not be accepted.
    • In addition, cardboard boxes must be broken down and securely tied with string. These can be placed next to bin.
  • Yard waste resumed on May 13. Click here for full schedule.
  • Bulk trash pick up has been suspended until further notice.
Thank you for your understanding as we all work through these challenging times. Please share this communication with your neighbors.
Please note that this notice only applies to residents served by the Township’s trash contract. Residents of multi-family developments, including apartment and condominium buildings and Hershey’s Mill Village, are advised to check with their HOA or property manager about any changes to their own trash and recycling policies.