No Inadvertent Return on May 9

Multiple media outlets have reported that there was another inadvertent return (mud spill) on Boot Road and Wilson Drive on Thursday, May 9, which would have been the third such event in that area since April 29. However, what happened yesterday was not an inadvertent return.

To clarify, yesterday Sunoco grouted the borehole under Boot Road that runs south from the drill site on Boot Road and Route 202. This grouting was necessitated by protocols to seal the fissure (or crack) in the bedrock that caused the inadvertent return that occurred at Wilson Drive and Boot Road on Tuesday (5/7/19) evening. During the grouting process, some of the excess grout came up through the ground. This grout was expected and the grout was vacuumed up which led to some confusion.

Sunoco cannot drill during the grouting process. Therefore, it was not possible for an inadvertent return to have occurred yesterday morning.

The Township continues to monitor the pipeline operation carefully and wants to provide our residents with the most accurate information.