Missed Recycling on Monday, 4/29/24

We received missed recycling reports from all over the township for the recycling on Monday, 4/29/24. AJ Blosenski has been asked to send a recycling truck to the township asap to clean it up, so please leave your recycling out.  Missed streets include: Alcott, Bellflower, Burning Bush, Candytuft, Colonial, Cornwallis, Cottonwood, Dickens, Foxglove, Franklin, Garrett, Greenhill, Highland, Ivy, Jackson, Jefferson, King George, Linda Vista, Madison, Mayapple, Millrace, Monte Vista, North Chester, Patterson, Sleepy Hollow, Sullivan, Tanglewood, Taylor, Upton, West King, & Wineberry. If you don’t see your street listed and your pickup was missed, please report it here: Missed Waste Collection Form


AJ Blosenski is currently working with a largely new and reduced staff since the company was sold to Waste Connections in 2023, and they are trying to get new people hired and trained to get the service back to what it was before the sale of the company. We apologize for the lack of regular service this year caused by those changes.


Your patience and grace are appreciated as we work through this daily with AJ Blosenski.


Thank you and sorry for the inconvenience.