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East Goshen Township
"Respecting the Past, Serving the Present, Preparing for the Future"
Chester County, PA
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Sustainability Certification


East Goshen Township (EGT) is proud to be recognized at the Gold level in the Sustainable Pennsylvania Community Certification program.  EGT is the first municipality to achieve a Gold level of certification in Chester County, and one of only thirty-nine across the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania! In earning the Gold certification, EGT is acknowledged for its progress in such areas as community design and land use, energy efficiency, health and wellness, intergovernmental cooperation, recycling and waste reduction, fiscal controls, and internal management and operations. Details about EGT’s certification performance within these topics can be found on the certification program’s website.




East Goshen Township is proud to take part in the Sustainable Pennsylvania Community Certification Program. The Sustainable Pennsylvania Community Certification is a voluntary performance recognition program to help municipalities achieve their sustainability goals to save money, conserve resources, and encourage innovation.  It is intended to bring recognition to municipalities that are applying the policy and practice of sustainability as their way of operating in order to advance community prosperity.  Focused on municipal operations, policies, and practices, the certification also serves as a mechanism for sharing best practices for creating a more sustainable Pennsylvania. There are 131 criteria questions, that fall into nine categories:

  1. Governance and Community Engagement
  2. Healthy Communities
  3. Diversity, Equity and Inclusion
  4. Education
    a. Documentation
  5. Energy Use, Conservation and Green Building
    a.  Energy Costs at Township Building
  6. Environmental Stewardship
  7. Housing
  8. Land Use and Transportation
  9. Local Economy

Township officials have elected to complete the self-assessment program for the following reasons:

  1.  It will provide Township officials knowledge of current successes and areas of opportunities with regards to sustainability initiatives.
  2. It can become a planning document to help identify and prioritize future sustainability initiatives.

Certification is point-based, and range from Platinum to Associate levels. We look forward to submitting our application this summer and sharing the results with the public shortly thereafter.