PRPS Agency of the Year Submission

East Goshen Township Parks and Recreation (EGTPR) is proud to submit an application for the Pennsylvania Recreation and Parks Society’s 2019 Agency of the Year Program.

The Agency of the Year Program honors a community that best serves its residents over a five year span. The winning department will be announced at the 2019 PRPS Annual Conference in State College, April 4th.


East Goshen Township residents – please take a minute to review our submission and associated planning documents. EGTPR has made great strides in the last five years and our successes are YOUR successes!

2018 Recreation End of Year Report

2018 Park Usage Report

EGTPR – Agency of the Year SubmissionEGT - A Caring Community

EGTPR – PROS Plan, Executive Summary

EGTPR – 2017 Department of Parks and Recreation End of Year Report

EGTPR – 2017 Park Usage Report

EGTPR – Committed to Health and Wellness

EGTPR – Committed to Social Equity

EGTPR – Committed to Conservation

EGTPR – Committed to Fun

EGTPR – 2018 Parks, Recreation and Open Space Plan Update

EGTPR – 2016 East Goshen Township Park Master Plan

EGTPR – Impact of Camp on Staff’s Professional Development

EGTPR chairs PRPS Opioid Task Force

EGTPR Director visits NRPA for National Summer Camp Dance video shoot

EGTPR works with NRPA and Veteran’s Affairs on CPRP/CPRE GI Bill approval, page 58

EGT Parks and Recreation in the Community, Spring 2017

EGT Parks and Recreation in the Community, Fall 2016

2016 22 in 22: Pushups with a Purpose, Day 5 with the West Chester YMCA

2015 Mid-Atlantic Summer Camp Dance

Spring 2018 Newsletter

EGTPR – In the Community Winter 2018