Pipeline Task Force Seeking New Members

The Pipeline Task Force is looking for new members who are East Goshen residents interested in helping the Township with issues regarding the numerous pipelines in our Township.

New members of the Pipeline Task Force should have skills/experience in or be interested in learning about any of the areas listed below.

  • Hazardous risk mitigation.
  • Safety and/or environmental compliance
  • Emergency management planning.
  • Emergency response services.
  • Pipeline safety regulations.
  • Environmental regulations and rulemaking at the state and federal level.
  • Public utilities.
  • Public affairs, relations, or advocacy.
  • Science and especially environmental science.
  • Geology and/or hydrogeology.
  • Commercial pipeline construction and operations.
  • Engineering and especially pipeline engineering.


If interested contact Township Manager Derek Davis at ddavis@eastgoshen.org or by calling 610-692-7171.