Please be advised that Quarter 4 sewer and trash bills are in the mail. Payment is due 11/30/23. All residents can access a copy of current invoice on our website at www.eastgoshen.org by clicking on the first blue button; ONLINE BILL PAY-PAY SEWER AND REFUSE and following the prompts.  First-time users will need to ‘Register’.  You may view your account information using your Utility Account ID and Utility Account PIN, both of which are visible on your bill.  Feel free to call us with any questions.  Please allow 1-2 business days for payments to reflect updated balances. You may also navigate to the website by typing the following:  EdmundsGovPay.com/EastGoshenUtility


***Please be advised that payments through the portal will be processed overnight, posting on the next BUSINESS DAY. Friday, Saturday, Sunday payments and payments on holidays will post on the next BUSINESS DAY.  Please do NOT make multiple payments unless you truly want to pay multiple times.  Recurring payments that are set up will post on the 20th of the applicable month, or next available BUSINESS DAY.***


NEW BILL AMOUNT: Sewer bills for July 2023, Oct 2023, Jan 2024, and April 2024 are calculated using the average of 4th quarter 2022 and 1st quarter 2023 actual AQUA water consumption. In addition, currently, sewer rates remain at $55.61 fixed and $9.70/thousand-gallon variable but are subject to change at any time.


Due to ongoing USPS mail delays, we strongly recommend either paying your bill on our website or placing your payment in the drop box at the front of the Township Building, 1580 Paoli Pike. There is no fee to pay by check by mail and no postage needed if you drop off the payment.  There is now a small convenience fee to pay by check, debit or credit card on our website.



Residents can also sign up for our fee-free electronic payment program. Completing the enrollment form found HERE and providing us with a voided check will ensure that your payment is processed on-time each quarter!


This message does not apply to Hershey’s Mill Village residents.