Change in Sewer Rates Starting in the 4th Quarter

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Change in Sewer Rates effective October 1, 2022


NEW SEWER RATE EFFECTIVE 10/1/22:  On July 19, 2022, the Board of Supervisors approved new sewer rates of $55.61 per quarter fixed and $9.70 per thousand gallons effective October 1, 2022.  Therefore, you will notice a new amount due on your October 2022 bill. Sewer bills are calculated using the average of 4th quarter 2021 and 1st quarter 2022 actual AQUA water consumption.


Single-family homes:

* Residents on public water are charged based on their 4Q2021/1Q2022 actual AQUA water consumption. This consumption is referenced on your sewer bill and should be consistent with the AQUA water bills you received for the same timeframe.

* Residents on a well are charged the average East Goshen Township single-family sewer rate.


Multi-family units – residents living in a multi-family development, such as Goshen Valley and Summit House are charged the average consumption at the meters that service your building, divided equally among the units in your building.


Single-family homes purchased between Nov 2021 and June 2022 – residents on public water are charged the average East Goshen Township single-family sewer rate until we can obtain your 4th quarter/1st quarter AQUA consumption.

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