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Sewer and Refuse Bills

Sewer Rates

On Tuesday, April 9th, the Board of Supervisors approved new sewer rates for 2019 of $33.74 fixed and $8.42 per thousand gallons variable. The 2nd quarter bills will be sent out on Monday, April 15th. As a result of the new rates and changes in your metered consumption, you should expect to see a modest change in your next bill. Please contact the Township if you have any questions or concerns about your new bill.

Your sewer bill is comprised of two parts: 1) a Fixed Rate and 2) a Variable Rate. The Fixed Rate is based on the fixed costs to operate the sewer system. All users pay the same Fixed Rate, regardless of the amount of water used by the individual customer. The Variable Rate is based on the actual amount of water used by the customer. The Variable Rate covers such costs as electric, chemicals, and maintenance & repair of the sewer system, which vary depending on the quantity of sewage processed.

To calculate your sewer consumption for any given year, the Township takes an average of your quarterly water consumption between the 4th quarter of the previous year and the 1st quarter of the current year, based on data provided from Aqua. A copy of the staff report can be found here.

Refuse Rates

The quarterly refuse rate is $69.88. Note that businesses and residents in multifamily dwellings do not receive refuse and recycling services through the Township.

East Goshen Township has opened a lockbox with M&T Bank for payment of sewer and refuse bills. Please remit your payment to the following address:

East Goshen Township
P.O. Box 62648
Baltimore, MD 21264

Payments are still accepted at the East Goshen Township Building.  However, If you are mailing a payment, please mail it to the above address.

Electronic ACH Transactions for Sewer/Refuse Payment

East Goshen offers residents the option of having their quarterly sewer and refuse bills automatically debited from their bank accounts. To join, all you have to do is fill in the payment authorization form (available below) and send it along with a voided check to the Township. Please note that your bill will be paid by electronic debit the first full quarter following the quarter in which enrollment was accepted.

Residents enrolled in the program will be sent a notification at the beginning of each quarter giving them approximately 30 days advance notice of when the money will be withdrawn from their bank account. Enrollment may be revoked at any time upon written notice to the township to discontinue automatic payments.

Please note it is the responsibility of the account holder to notify the Township in writing of any banking institution changes or termination of their participation in the Electronic Debit Program.

Please call the Township at 610-692-7171 if you have any questions. Use the link below for an application or you may obtain one at the Township Building 1580 Paoli Pike between the hours of 8:00 AM & 5:00 PM.

Electronic Payment Authorization Form

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