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East Goshen Township
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Chester County, PA
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Lyme Disease

Help Protect Your Family from Lyme Disease

The Pennsylvania Department of Health classifies residents of Chester County a high risk for contracting Lyme disease.  East Goshen Township is launching a program that will protect you from Lyme disease while enjoying our great outdoors.  Lyme disease is spread to humans through tick bites.  The Township is targeting ticks on the two animals that are known to be critical to the development of a mature tick: mice and deer.

There is a product (Tick Tubes) that you can use to take help keep the tick population low in a specific area.   Tick tubes are a low cost tool to reduce the number of ticks in the immediate area of your home. Click here for more information about Tick Tubes.

What else can we do?

The Lyme Disease Association of Southeastern Pennsylvania is a great resource for information about how to protect your family from the disease.  Their publication “Lyme Disease and associated diseases The Basics” is an online PDF that provides great questions and answers regarding Lyme disease.The United States Centers for Disease Control recommends the following as the best methods for prevention and control of Lyme disease and other tick-borne illnesses:

  • Use repellent, tick checks, and other simple measures to prevent tick bites
  • Control ticks around your home and in your community
  • Ask your doctor if taking antibiotics after tick bite is right for you
  • Learn the early signs of tick-borne illness

Visit the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention for more information.

In our efforts to better server our residents, we have prepared a Lyme Disease Awareness & Prevention Q & A Information Poster. You can view the poster by clicking here.

You are welcome to contact any of your elected Board of Supervisors if you have questions or concerns.