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Adelphia Gateway


You may have seen work being done on Paoli Pike across from the Goshen Village Shopping Center.  This is part of the Adelphia Gateway Project.

The Adelphia Gateway Project involves the conversion of a former oil pipeline to a natural gas transmission line. The project was approved by the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission in 2019.  The Adelphia Pipeline which runs thru the center of the Township has a valve station on Paoli Pike just north of the Goshen Village Shopping Center. As part of the project this valve will be convert to a blow down valve assembly, which would vent excess gas in the event of an emergency.

The work on Paoli Pike is expected to take about one month.  This is the only work that will take place in East Goshen.

The project involves the construction of  compressor stations in Quakertown and Marcus Hook, as well as additional sections of pipeline , meter stations and valves.

At the present time we do not have a date when the pipeline will be placed into service. Additional information is available on their website.

Adelphia started the work on April 6, 2021, on the valve station located on Paoli Pike across from the Village Shopping Center. At times, the traffic pattern may be affected. Please be cautious passing through.



Adelphia received its Notice To Proceed from the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC).  This allows Adelphia to begin construction activities on their existing pipeline.

This construction work in East Goshen is limited to the replacement of the valve at the site across the street from the Goshen Village Shopping Center on Paoli Pike.

This letter and mailer was sent to property owners with property along the pipeline route.

The Township will update the website and send a notice when advised on the date construction will begin.


Adelphia has received their approved general permit registration and federal authorization from the PA Department of Environmental Protection for the Gateway Project.

The latest versions of the permit application and all supporting documents, including the Erosion and Sediment Control (E&S) Plan, are incorporated into this approval, including the E&S Plan drawings for the Adelphia Gateway Project/Paoli dated May 18, 2020.

Approval Letter

E&S Plan Drawings


The Delaware River  Keepers Network and West Rockhill Township  have requested that FERC stay their December  20, 2019 Order  allowing Adelphia acquire and operate the pipeline.

Adelphia has filed objections to their request.


The 12/20/19  order from the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) issued Adelphia Gateway, LLC a certificate to construct and operate its proposed Adelphia Gateway Project. The only construction from Adelphia in East Goshen will be at the valve site on the north side of Paoli Pike.

Read the order here.

On December 20, 2019, the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission authorized Adelphia Gateway, LLC to acquire, construct, and operate certain pipeline facilities.

Click here for more information.


At the meeting on July 30, 2019, the Board of Supervisors announced they received a request from Adelphia Gateway for Temporary Work Space and Access Easement.  The 20 foot wide by 50 foot long temporary work space is needed by Adelphia’s contractor to make the required modifications to the existing valve which is located just north of Paoli Pike in the Wentworth Open Space.

The Township will be sending a letter to all property owners within 1,000 feet of this location advising that the Board will consider action on this request at their meeting on September 17, 2019.

Click here to see the request.


Due to the funding lapse at certain federal agencies between 12/22/18 and 1/25/19, FERC is reopening the comment period on the Adelphia Gateway Project environmental assessment until 3/1/19. Click here to read.

2/4/2019 –

East Goshen Township’s Comments regarding the Adelphia EA were filed with FERC on 2/1/2019. Click here to read.

1/31/2018 – Comments to FERC regarding Adelphia EA

At their meeting on 1/29/2019 the Board of Supervisors approved filing comments in response to FERC’s request for comments on the Adelphia Environmental Assessment.

Click here to read the comments.


The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) has released the Environmental Assessment for the Adelphia Gateway Project.

Click here for the Notice.
Visit for the assessment
(search with Docket No. CP18-46)

12/21/18 – The following was submitted to the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission:

Rick Smith, West Chester, PA.
Adelphia Gateway LLC
Docket CP18-46-000

In light of the concerns expressed by several of our Township residents I am writing to request that Adelphia be required to prepare an Environmental Impact Statement. Rick Smith, East Goshen Township Manager.

For more information, visit the FERC site here. Search for Docket CP18-46


Date:        Tuesday November 27
Time:        7 PM – 8:15 PM
Where:     Westtown Township Building, 1039 Wilmington Pike, West Chester, PA 19382

Co-hosted by Del Chesco United for Pipeline Safety and Clean Air Council

The evening’s presentation will include:

  1.  What is Adelphia Gateway Pipeline Project?
  2.  What is the regulatory process to approve this pipeline?
  3.  What is the current status of the approval process?
  4.  What are the concerns with respect to impacts from this pipeline?
  5.  What opportunities are there for residents, municipalities, and elected officials to advocate for public safety, private property, clean air and clean water?

30 minute PowerPoint presentation to be followed by Q&A and community discussion. All residents and township officials from across the region are welcomed and encouraged to attend this event.

Light refreshments to be served.  More information here.


Click here to read the Public Notice from Federal Energy Regulatory Commission on the Adelphia Gateway Pipeline Project.

2/15/18 – EGT Files Motion to Intervene Out of Time

East Goshen Township has filed a Motion to Intervene Out of Time in response to Adelphia Gateway’s application to acquire, own and operate the existing pipeline facilities in Pennsylvania. This filing has been accepted.

Click here to read the motion.

1/26/18 – Adelphia Gateway to conduct surveys

On Monday, January 29, 2018 survey crews on behalf of the Adelphia Gateway project will be conducting topographic surveys to the Interstate Energy Pipeline Easement.  The purpose of the work is to gather all above-ground features.  The only equipment crews should be using on Monday is GPS equipment.  All survey activities will be limited to within the existing easement or on public roadways.

Click the link to view the notice Adelphia posted in the Philadelphia Inquirer on January 26, 2018.

1/17/18 – Adelphia seeks approval from FERC

On January 12, 2018 Adelphia submitted an application to the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) for Certificates of Public Convenience and Necessity.

The FERC Docket Number is CP18-46

12/20/17 – Adelphia Seeks to Update Right of Way Amendment

Click here to read the Adelphia Gateway Update acknowledged at the 12/19/17 Board of Supervisors’ meeting

Letter from Adelphia to Landowners

Original Right of Way/Easement Document – Parcel #: 53-4-255

Interstate Energy Pipeline News–12/13/17 Update

It has been brought to our attention that Adelphia Gateway LLC plans to convert the Interstate Energy Pipeline, which currently runs through East Goshen Township, to carry shale gas. More information about the project can be found through the following link to (link to the article is no longer available)

The Interstate Energy Company Pipeline runs through the Township’s open space in the Wentworth development which is located by the CVS Drugstore. At their meeting on December 5th the Board of Supervisors acknowledged receipt of a letter from Adelphia Gateway regarding possible changes to their right-of-way.  The Township also has recently been advised that other property owners have received similar letters.

What does all of this mean?  Based on what we know, Interstate Energy is a Public Utility that that has a tariff from the Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission to transport natural gas and oil in the eastern part of the state.

The following link will take you to the Chairman’s letter that appears in our Winter 2018 Newsletter. The Township will continue to monitor this matter and provide updates as required. The Board of Supervisors encourages residents to contact the Governor and State Legislature to change the state laws that govern pipelines.