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East Goshen Township
"Respecting the Past, Serving the Present, Preparing for the Future"
Chester County, PA
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EGT Park Destination Playground

Welcome to the new destination playground in East Goshen Township Park. Over six-hundred children picked every play piece and the Township is excited to share it with the community! We recently had some wonderful local kids help us shoot a Playground 101 video, to highlight some of the fun elements as well as parental considerations! We paid them in milk and cookies – and they did an amazing job! A special thank you goes out to Christina Burkhardt and Christina B Productions for directing and producing the film!

Playground is a Pet Free Zone

The entire playground area is a pet-free zone per Township ordinance. Coming from the parking lot, the pet-free zone begins before the bridge. Coming from the backside, the pet-free zone starts at the three large grassy hills. The grass hills are actually play mounds meant to be played on by our kids.

Project Funding Support

East Goshen Township would like to thank the following organizations for their generous financial support:

PA Department of Conservation and Natural Resources—$250,000

PA Department of Community and Economic Development—$225,000

The Friends of East Goshen: $12,866

The Radcliffe Family and Friends: $10,000

East Goshen Township would also like to thank the following for their efforts in bringing this project to life:

State Senator Tom Killion

State Representative Carolyn Comitta

Township Board of Supervisors & Park Commission

Township Department of Public Works

Thomas Comitta Associates

Recreation Resource and BCI Burke Playgrounds


Dylan Golden—Eagle Scout and Labyrinth Installer

You! The wonderful East Goshen Township & West Chester community!