03/22/2017 Aerial view of Sunoco Pipeline in Chester County

03/22/2017 Sunoco Horizontal Directional Drilling Plans

20″ Pipeline Plans


16″ Pipeline Plans


03/22/2017 Sunoco Erosion and Sedimentation Plans

East Goshen Plans

04/21/2017 – Letter to Sunoco Regarding Erosion and Sedimentation Permit
03/21/2017 – Mariner East Presentation at the March 21, 2017 Board of Supervisors meeting
02/22/2017 – Letter to Sunoco Regarding Erosion & Sedimentation
09/06/2016 – Erosion & Sediment Permit Technical Deficiency Letter from DEP
09/06/2016 – Chapter 105 Permit Technical Deficiency Letter from DEP
08/26/2016 – Stormwater Management and Erosion and Sedimentation Review by Pennoni
08/01/2016 – Mariner East: Proposed Project Route
03/18/2016 – Erosion & Sediment Control & Site Restoration Plan
03/01/2016 – East Goshen Township Grants Easement to Sunoco
02/23/2016 – Sunoco Logistics Mariner East Project Presentation
02/10/2016 – Sunoco PUC Certificates
02/04/2016 – Information on a Typical Horizontal Directional Drilling Machine
12/21/2015 – Sunoco Right of Way Office Now Open in Exton
12/14/2015 – Fact Sheet
11/06/2015 – Mariner Project FAQS
10/28/2015 – Letter from PA DEP
10/27/2015 – Heading would be Sunoco application with Delaware River Basin Commission (see Docket Entry 18)
10/26/2015 – Letter from PA DEP
08/27/2015 – Application for Earth Disturbance by Tetra Tech for Sunoco’s Pennsylvania Pipe Line Project
Presented at 06/02/15 Board of Supervisors Meeting – Pipelines – Engineered For Safety & Reliability
Presented at 06/02/15 Board of Supervisors Meeting – Proposed Mariner East 2 Pipeline Map
04/21/2015 – Prehearing Cancelled Since No Objection Filed
04/14/2015 – West Goshen Township Board of Supervisors has scheduled a public meeting for East High School for Tuesday, April 14th to discuss a settlement agreement. View more information here.
03/16/2015 – Sunoco Granted Extension
03/16/2015 – Amended Petition
03/17/2015 – Pennsylvania Pipeline Project
03/05/2015 – Sunoco Has Resolved Issue With West Goshen Over Pump Station
02/13/2015 – Further Pre-hearing Conference Notice
02/05/2015 – Econsult Solutions Press Release
02/05/2015 – Sunoco Logistics Mariner East Economic Impact Report Executive Summary
02/04/2015 – Mariner East Projects Fact Sheet
02/04/2015 – Pipeline Safety Fact Sheet
02/04/2015 – Mariner East Chester County Map
02/04/2015 – Mariner East Pipeline Project Map
02/04/2015 – Mariner East FAQs
The following e-mail was received on Friday, January 2, 2015
Final Steps in Returning the Mariner East 1 Line
PA PUC Order entered on October 29, 2014
10/02/2014 – PUC Directs Further Hearings on Zoning Exemption Request by Sunoco Pipeline
Hydrostatic Testing Notification
Sunoco Exceptions to Initial Decision – August 19, 2014
Preliminary Ruling
East Goshen Township Petition to Intervene
PUC Recognition of Sunoco Petition
East Goshen Township Petition of Sunoco Pipeline LP
PUC Filings as of 04/11/2014

Click here to view documents regarding the Sunoco Pump Station located on Boot Road near Route 202.  You will need to search for Docket # P-2014-2411966 in order to view documents related to this particular pump station.

PHILADELPHIA, December 4, 2013 – Sunoco Logistics Partners L.P. (NYSE: SXL) today announced that it will commence a binding Open Season for its Mariner East 2 project. This Open Season is for a pipeline that will transport natural gas liquids from processing facilities built in the liquidrich Marcellus and Utica Shale areas in Western Pennsylvania, West Virginia and Eastern Ohio to Sunoco Logistics’ Marcus Hook Industrial Complex on the Delaware River, approximately 300 to 400 miles from the production region. The Mariner East 2 pipeline is expected to be operational in early 2016. +Read More

10/11/13 Update – Sunoco Pipeline owns and operates two pipelines that traverse East Goshen Township. Both of these pipelines are located within the road right-of-ways for Boot Road and North Chester Road. We have been advised that Sunoco is investigating the possibility of installing an additional pipeline. Attached is a sample copy of the letter that will be sent to affected property owners. +Read More

10/11/2013 – Update regarding Sunoco Rehabilitation and Hydrostatic Test Project