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East Goshen Township
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Chester County, PA
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Hershey’s Mill Dam Committee

The Board of Supervisors has determined that the area of the impoundment above the Hershey’s Mill Dam is suitable for use as open space, after the dam has been breached. The Board of Supervisors issued a request for proposal for a consultant to develop a plan on how the area above each of the dams can be developed and/or utilized for open space, after the dams have been breached.  The Hershey’s Mill Dam Committee is tasked with collaborating with the land planner to develop and implement a plan for this area.

General Info:

1,000 Foot Letter Regarding Breach Options

Hershey’s Mill Dam Breach Exhibits

Hershey’s Mill Dam Park Open Space Master Plan Presentation: December 5, 2016

Decommissioning the Hershey’s Mill Dam Presentation: January 10, 2017 Board of Supervisors Meeting

Hershey’s Mill Dam Historical Maps and Photos – Presented by Robert W. Cosby at the February 21, 2017 Board of Supervisors meeting


Hershey’s Mill Dam Visioning Survey # 1 Results

Concept Plans:

1/26/17 – Public Meeting # 2 – Concept Review Presentation

Hershey’s Mill Dam Concept Plans

Hershey’s Mill Dam Concept Survey  – Survey # 2

Draft Plan:

03/27/2017 – Public Meeting # 3 – Draft Plan

Draft Plan Presentation – March 23, 2017

Hershey’s Mill Dam Master Plan – Survey #3 – Draft Plan Survey

Draft Plan Review:

05/24/2017 – Public Meeting # 4 – Draft Plan Review

Final Plan:

The Board of Supervisors adopted the Hershey’s Mill Dam Park Open Space Master Plan at its meeting on June 22, 2017

Committee Members:

Nancy Aller
Wendy Bartenstein
Tom Beggs
Jim Brandolini
Sue Davis
Dick Dunkel
Jim Edmunds
Blake Goll
Wayne Hall
Ed Tomlinson